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Wireless installations are fairly easy and don't require many cables, however they are so easily affected by multiple external factors like obstructions (walls in your home or business) and interference from other devices.

One of the biggest challenges home-owners face is creating sufficient coverage -no dead zones- and quality connection in all areas of your home. Luckily there are a few products that can help you overcome these obstacles.


The easiest and most common solution to strengthen your WIFI connection would be to purchase a repeater. While a repeater doesn't increase your strength by much it does increase the reach. While a nice, simple option, if not cabled to the main router, this method will halve your bandwidth with each wireless hop.

Mesh Systems

If running cables isn't for you but you still need the additional coverage, a wireless mesh system is a powerful alternative. Available in a variety of options from some of the big name brands such as MikroTik, Tenda and Ubiquiti, there is a mesh solution for almost every environment. These systems work on a wireless mesh topology using a single SSID and are easily configurable via a mobile phone app.


Powerline products are an incredibly cost-effective method for extending networks into hard-to-reach areas by using the single-phase power lines in your home. The plug-and-play installation makes it available to everyone, even the home user with little to no networking experience.

Communicate with your ISP

Talking to you internet service provider will yield the best benefits for you and your recommendation will be entirely suited to your specific needs! Never underestimate the power or proper communication.

Before you go!

While these tips should help spread your signal, if you are unhappy chat to us! Here at LOMOTO we are always happy to lend an ear and help where we can!

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