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I was exactly like you not too long ago, I knew next to nothing about internet connection nor did I have any technical savvy outside of the realm of things I dealt with daily, like Office Word or Excel. That was the case until joining the Lomoto family where my knowledge has expanded exponentially, now I want to make your life easier by giving you the best tips I gleaned from our technicians.

Continue reading to learn more, especially if you have an upcoming installation.

#1 - Quality multiplugs are ESSENTIAL

The number one reason most people call their techs back is because the internet randomly cuts out or something fails either with the antenna, adapter or router; which are all plugged into your multiplug. SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A QUALITY ONE! It is the command centre of all your equipment.

#2 - Rely on your technical support team!

I too am guilty of not calling techs to help me so I know you don't always want to call out your tech guys or contact your internet provider when things go haywire, but you (and your techs) will appreciate it at the end of the day if you let them handle it!

The problem does not always lay with your equipment so resetting your router will not always be the answer and could just make the situation worse! When you reset your router all your details get wiped from the device and you will no longer be connected, which causes more of a headache for your technicians to get you fully operational again.

For premium customer service and internet connection give LOMOTO a call, we've got you day and night!

"Your technical support team has your back, so don't be shy to give them a call. No matter how big or small your problem, day and night we will be there."

- Allen Livesey, Operational Director of Lomoto Enterprises (PTY) LTD

#3 - Connect to the right access point...

Now before you roll your eyes and move to the next point, give me a read.

NOT ALL DEVICES AUTOMATICALLY CONNECT, I repeat for those in the back...NOT ALL DEVICES CONNECT AUTOMATICALLY! Why? I cannot tell you, but when you get home after a long day, have a peep as to which access point you are connected to and make sure it is the right one!

#4 - Communication is key!

One thing that causes the most confusion and headaches for all parties involved is lack of communication. Help us help you by telling us exactly what your internet is doing and everything you've done, don't be shy...BE HONEST!

#5 - Know what you want and need

We know what we want our internet to do, but we don't always communicate that to our provider, if you were anything like me, before joining a technical company, things like "10 Meg line" and "4 Meg line" meant nothing to me and I had no idea the difference between the two.

To make your life and installation as smooth as possible, communicate your expectations to your provider and have a site inspection (for a free site inspection click the button below!) where we will then make the best recommendation to best suit your needs, wants and BUDGET.

Let's cut to the chase...

COMMUNICATE WITH US! That is the main thing you need to take from this post, if you've done that then we are all sorted. Leave a comment and book a free site inspection with us today!

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