What is Wireless Fibre?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

The internet is king and your connectivity matters but what if you can’t decide which route to take for your business goals or personal needs? Nowadays it is safe to say that fast and effective internet, no matter where we are, is an absolute must and with Wireless Fibre this is very possible.

Wireless broadband allows you to have an internet connection meaning if fibre lines have yet to be installed in your area of resident or business, you can also have access to an effective internet connection. Wireless fibre uses a combination of fixed wireless, high speed microwave and fibre optic technology to deliver broadband directly to your home or business. A small satellite is installed on a poll or your roof and a cable is connected to a router where you need internet connection.

Wireless is also the most cost-effective as there is no need to alter surrounding infrastructure. The process is easy; our competent staff will make an appointment with you to conduct a site inspection. When they have established a line of sight, you will receive an invoice for the installation and payable pro rata for the month. Once the installation is done, you are good to go. As easy as that.

The advantages of wireless fibre is the reason why so many people are choosing this option. It allows multiple devices to connect from anywhere you need them to. This is especially true for an effective workforce, no need for pesky cables and the office doesn’t have to play musical chairs to connect before an important pitch. Wireless networks can potentially also, depending on the package you choose, accommodate more users as they are not limited by a specific number of connection ports.

In the mean time you can choose your package to suit your needs.

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