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Lomoto is now offering a wide variety of CCTV products to the market. We offer solutions for your outdoor and indoor needs.  We also offer the following services.

  • CCTV System Design

  •  Installation , Maintenance and testing

  • Analytic IP CCTV Systems

  • Mobile CCTV

Benefits of our CCTV Solutions

1. Motion Detection and Notifications

Receive instant notifications and check feeds when the motion is detected. This helps you protect your home day and night. Also, you can personalize your own experiences by setting the motion detection zones to only capture what happens in the area that you choose.

2. Two-Way Audio

You can see what exactly happens in your home, no worry any more. Also, you are able to communicate with loved ones through the built-in microphone and speaker.

3. Sharp Night Vision

Provides a visual distance of up to 98 ft (30 m) even in total darkness to always keep you safe.

4. High-definition video

1080p definition video provides more clarity and sharpness in pictures due to a higher number of pixels. This helps with identification and recognition from afar.

5. Alarm System

Not only will the camera send notifications to you when motion is detected, it’ll also trigger lights and sounds as an alarm.

5. Completely Wireless

There is no need to install any network cables, as our variety of cameras is 100% wireless cameras.

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