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Router impacts your internet speed and quality, so placing it correctly and making sure you have a quality one is ESSENTIAL to your overall experience!


First impressions count!

Making sure you have a quality router that you don't skimp out on...I know we all love a good deal, but taking a bargain price on this one means you will probably be sacrificing the quality and speed of your internet!

Why, you might ask? This is because your router is essentially a computer with purpose-built software, . In order to make a router cheaper, manufacturers will make use of integrated WIFI cards meaning your WIFI speed will decrease and your lag time will increase while fewer devices are able to connect simultaneously.

PRO TIP: Ask the pro's! When shopping around for internet, ask your ISP about which router will work best for your needs. If you are a business an enterprise router will be perfect for you, while if you are a home user for basic streaming a more basic router might be well suited to you.

Router placement is essential!

Can you read a book that's in the other room? No? I thought so, neither can I and neither can your router! Having your router tucked away in a little corner makes it harder for your router to properly work through your signal and distribute it as needed; not only that, but dust and debris can clog your fans and cause your router to overheat...ultimately cutting you off!

Final Thoughts

Paying attention to what we just mentioned about router placement and ensuring you have a quality router will make your browsing experience just that much better! At least I know one thing, with LOMOTO you will never have to question your speed and connectivity since we own our own network we have full access and you are guaranteed a premium experience.

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